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It's All About The Safety!

Our products offer the highest safety and design for your peace of mind. Just click one of the product labels above to see more about our innovative safety products. Matched braking for precision stopping recognizes that vehicle pedal pressures vary and tuning pedal pressure to your vehicle is absolutely critical. Remember, you are only towing occasionally and the vehicle you tow is not a trailer, it is your family vehicle. Our system offers safety features that not only excels while towing, but also offers every day driving benefits for you.

Our Mission

SHOW ME THE STOP!! There are many products available for the task of stopping a "TOAD" vehicle, only one can prove performance, the TOAD STOP! Other products make slick marketing claims and do not prove stopping performance, they will not make you safe! Explore our site and educate yourself about ToadStop!

KISS.......Keep it Safe & Simple !

Braking safety does not have to be "Rocket Science" as long as you keep the OEM engineered braking design of the vehicle active. Our family of products represent over ten years of product development that provide excellence in performance and proven stopping ability. No other product can measure up to ToadStop for safety and "Show Me The Stop" operation. We are proud to show the actual stop our system makes on your family vehicle, before you tow it, so you will see the safety of our design for your peace of mind.

Simple sensible solutions provide day in and day out safety features that really work every time your vehicle is driven or towed! Our vacuum reservoir assures that you will never loose your power brakes, even if the engine fails while driving. This means any driver can stop with full power brake safety any time they drive, without encountering a "DEAD PEDAL".

We enable a passenger to stop the vehicle, without leaving their seatbelt, should the driver become incapacitated! Even a child could stop the vehicle and then tend to the incapacitated driver. There is a difference between products that leave you wondering about your safety and those that are not afraid to show you the stop. Do not take chances with your safety, get proven performance you can see!

Remember, safety is not an accident!!

Contact Information

We are always available to educate customers about the differences in the products available for the supplemental braking of a vehicle behind an RV. Methods do matter, so choose a system that shows a stop!

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